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Now a day’s most job applicants have a general checklist before a job interview. Things such as updating a resume, ironing a professional outfit, rehearsing an explanation for those two years spent bumming around after college. The applicants spend their time on the little things instead of trying to tidying up the Facebook profile which isn’t on that list, maybe it should be. In my opinion I think updating and removing abnormal behavior for your profile is a must to do thing. Or in all deactivate the profile just in case. To me it’s not surprising that 45 percent of employers use social networking sites in the hiring process in this day of age. Facebook was designed for people to keep in contact with friends and family. Also, in some cases to build up your networking skills and to promote your future success. It’s a profile that displays your personal life which is separated from one’s work life. For a lot of people like me; it’s a place where you can kick your feet up, let your hair down and relax after a long day. But it’s not a place where you have to think about potential employers reading your status or looking through your tagged pictures. This right here is where the line should be drawn. In my opinion this is unethical and unreasonable for employers to use Facebook as a tool if a potential employee if fit for the job. It’s wrong on the employer half because there being very bias towards that potential applicant. There are some things that can be good when using Facebook to pre-screen employees. Some Facebookers become part of certain groups on Facebook that can show companies what they are interested in. Therefore, giving the employer an idea of what type of work they are looking for. Some people that use Facebook have their work history on their profile as well. This gives employers a brief look on where they have worked; as well as, possible experiences

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