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The Prisoners Ignorance By Westley Anderson What is ignorance? What is real? What is justice? These questions held Plato in a state of mind to pursue the answers to these questions, especially the theory of man. This theory was brought up in “Allegory of the cave” in his book “The Republic”, Exemplified by Galileo Galilei. Galileo Galilei, an Italian astronomer whom believed the earth revolved around the sun, instead, of the sun revolved around the earth. By doing so and then posting his controversial theory to the church, and telling the church their theory was wrong, Galileo was made to repent his theory or be put to death. This relates to Plato’s theory of the “Allegory of the cave” in his book “The Republic” In Plato’s theory, there are prisoners bounded facing a cave wall. Not able to look behind them, only forward forever staring at the cave wall. Behind them there is a fire, which represents the sun, by the fire there is a raised walk way. Now every day, all day, people travel this walk way and the fire presents the shadows on the cave wall in front of the prisoners. This is the only life the prisoners have ever known. Now release one of the prisoners, at first the prisoner will never leave the cave because this is the only life he has known of. After being dragged out and forced to live in the new world outside of the cave and all the new experiences, he will immediately return to the cave to share his new experiences with his friends in the cave. At this point the prisoners that have never left the cave will not understand what the released prisoner is speaking about, because the cave is the only life they will ever know, but that doesn’t make the outside world is any less real. Therefore the prisoners that never left the cave will either exile the released prisoner or execute him. This is the Ignorance of the world, the lack of knowledge of the

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