Prisoner's Dilemma Essay

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There was a real situation in my life based on Prisoners’ Dilemma dynamics. Nowadays we always have to choose whether or not to trust the other others, because success is dependent on this. We must also understand if the other side trusts us or not. And then we can find the reasonable solution. My story was the following. About one and a half year ago five students of our university were selected to attend a moot court competition. It was a criminal case, and our team was representing the defense side. The other team from another university was to represent the defendant. Our objective was to conduct a thorough investigation and review of the case. As the case was not a real life case, parties were offered to negotiate on conditions. We had long negotiation and at the end we came to the conclusion. We decided to stick to the agreed conditions and abstain from introducing new facts in the court during the case hearing. The outcome of the competition was to be defined based on strength of evidence and case findings, so the winner of the competition would not necessarily be the winner of the court hearing. We shared our findings and evidence and decided not to present new facts during the case hearing in the court. In this way we were able to know against what we are competing and be better prepared for the hearing. So before the hearing we had to collect counter evidence against their evidence. So the same was true for them. This would be the situation when parties trusted each other. If we both decided to cheat one another and bring new facts it would require additional study and review of the case. We both would find ourselves in an awkward situation leaving an impression that we were not properly prepared. And this would be a shame for “future lawyers” and why not for our universities. In another scenario we trusted them (and we really trusted them) but they

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