Prisoner Of War And International Humanitarian Law Essay

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Prisoner Of War and International Humanitarian Law * Nithya.C 5th Year B.A,B.L Wars and conflicts have rage around the world. In spite of injunction from U.N Charter which enjoins us to “save succeeding generation from scourge of war “, still we witness abomination against innocents. In ancient era prisoners of war could be killed, butchered, offered sacrifice to God. Humanitarian treatment of prisoners of war [POW] was not emphasized until second half of 19th C. International Humanitarian Law or Laws on Armed conflict being branch of International Law is aims to limit effects of means and methods of warfare for humanitarian reasons. It includes prisoners of war i.e., who no longer take part in hostilities {de hors de combatant} as a protected persons from cruel and inhuman treatment if captured. Hague Convention on Laws of War on Land proved itself inadequate. During World War I, the first Russian war prisoner died due to outbreak of typhus in German camp showing the inhuman conditions in war camps. Henry Dunant a Swiss business man was horred with the situation and established impartial and independent body International Committee of Red Cross {ICRC}. Though it had no legal status then, it created Central Agency for Prisoners of War in those days. Now, ICRC has acquired legal status with world wide services. Law has improved to warn Detaining state not to make the captured combatant responsible for war and the manner it carried out. The Diplomatic Conference held at Geneva on 1949 for the purpose of revising Convention relative to Treatment on Prisoners of War July 27, 1929. Presently, Geneva Convention I and III related to the treatment of the ‘wounded, sick and shipwrecked’ and protection of ‘prisoners of war’ (POW) supplemented by Additional Protocol I (for international conflicts) entitles protection. Even as per Article 51 of Indian Constitution
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