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Popular Literature Soc 105 September 28, 2011 Popular Literature The book I chose to read was “A Prisoner of Birth “by Jeffery Archer, the book is about a man named Danny Cartwright that is accused of killing a woman by the name of Bernard Wilson. One evening, Danny, an East End cockney who works as a garage mechanic, took his girlfriend up to the West End to rejoice their engagement. He comes to path with Spencer Craig, a West End lawyer posed to be the youngest Queen's Counsel of his generation. Spencer Craig goes on to call Beth a whore and he told his friends he wanted a gangbang. Bernie Wilson, Beth’s brother and Daniel's close friend had also come with them. He grew irritated and was set to fight Spencer but Daniel stopped him. Beth asked them whether they could leave the bar so to evade any more problems. Spencer and his men come out and Danny and Bernie get into a fight with them. Beth runs to get a cab so that they can run away. When she returns, she finds Daniel holding her dead brother who had been wounded with a knife. A few hours later Danny was taken into police custody for murder and later was condemned to twenty-two years in prison, thanks to indisputable testimony from Spencer, the prosecution's main witness. Danny spends the next few years in a maximum-security prison while Spencer Craig's profession as a lawyer goes straight up. All the while Danny plans to escape and wreak his vengeance. Lastly Danny manages to escape and crashes the lives of the actor and the young partner, men who were with Craig on the day Bernie died. Danny takes over an enormous amount of money as when he escaped, he had escaped with the personality of another man. All this man's money goes to Danny. This man was Danny's friend and had died. Danny was rich enough now and destroyed two of the men. Spencer finds out who he is and tries to put Danny back in

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