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Prison Writings: My Life is My Sun Dance Leonard Peltier once stated that “A political prisoner is someone who is out fighting for his or her people's rights and freedom and is imprisoned for that alone”. Leonard Peltier is one of the most modern and prominent leaders of the Native American movement. He was arrested in the summer of 1975 and was ultimately sentenced to two life terms for committing a crime that many believe he did not commit. Being that of Native American descent he was seen as a threat to society and the United States government made an unjustifiable conviction against Peltier. His prosecution displays the continuous attempts to eradicate those of different races. In his novel Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sun Dance, Peltier displays how the United States government has eradicated the Native American culture, committed unethical crimes, but also Peltier displayed how there could a positive solution that does not include violence. The United States government has attempted to snuff out other races in the past and has done so with great pride and dissolution. Even after many of the racial laws were put in place, minorities were still looked down upon. They were seen as outsiders and foreigners. Native Americans have always been pushed to the side and purged from society. The United States government has repeatedly diverted and withdrawn the Native Americans from their land and from their homes. “They callously pushed us onto remote reservations on what they thought was worthless wasteland, trying to sweep us under the rug of history” (Peltier, 44). In many instances Native Americans have been pushed around and told what to do by the higher power. It has angered and enraged many of the Natives that have been living on those lands for centuries. Therefore, Peltier became an outspoken opponent of unjustified governments. Furthermore, not only has

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