Prison Term Research Paper

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Prison Term Paper The cause for this paper is intended to give various reasoning on what sanctions are made and the reasons for implementing them. Whether the reasoning is beyond the opinions of viewers and legislature, as a criminologist I can give my professional opinion as well as my personal opinion on what is needed to be done to reduce the crimes of armed robbery. The definition of robbery would be for Robbery would consist of one or more persons forcefully taking valuables or personals without ones permission by over powering them. While conducting research have to make a professional judgment that will better the criminal justice system. Although this new bill maybe intended to pass criminologist and legislatures need to view the outlooks of this situation and view it from different standpoints in life. I was asked by my superior my opinion on this proposed bill for the recent Prison Term. I decided to look closer at what the bill demands and how to approach this new situation. I would like to approach this bill carefully because we are dealing…show more content…
Armed robbery was documented as an appeal to the throne by Henry the 2nd. The crime itself was also considered punishable. It later was known as a capital felony in the 1830’s of England. They will be introduced to the drug program if the individual is an addict of some sort. The criminal justice system will also recommend educational training, work experience; counseling and other programs that make inmates give back to the neighborhoods. My recommendation for such calling is that any inmates that commit a crime should know that he or she will be penalized by the criminal justice system. However the sentence or punishment is carried out the offender my complete all necessary step to comply with the criminal justice system
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