Prison Term Policy Recommendations Proposal Paper

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Prison Term Policy Recommendations Proposal Paper October 29, 2012 Throughout criminal justice, laws have been modified for the purpose of ensuring the protection of the citizens of the United States of America. A person who commits a crime will receive punishment and will be prosecuted under the court of law. Prison policies were written to assist the court in sentences according to a specific crime. The policies are usually to keep criminals in prison and to deter further criminal activities. These convicted of a crime may face a longer sentence than a person who is currently serving time for the same crime because of the changes to prison policies. Therefore, the prison policy of convicted armed robbery is under review and must be voted on; which voting for bills to pass can sometimes have mixed reviews. In November there will be a vote to amend a bill that will double the prison sentence of anyone committing armed robbery in the state of Louisiana; which I believe they should focus attention to the cause of the choice. The hope of the bill sponsors is that the increased penalties will deter a person from committing armed robbery. Subsequently, they can amend prison time for minor offenses to successfully double sentencing time for armed robbers. Although a doubled sentence has potential to deter criminals from committing armed robbery, the end result can cause concerns if amendment is not analyzed or compared to past strategies. The new law can cause concerns regarding overcrowding of prison inmates. This leads to low literacy because of stressed academic resources, less prison jobs, misclassification of inmates and shortages. The studies I read indicate that whereas there may be a slight decrease in recidivism, the reduction was not significant enough to indicate that a longer sentence has a considerable

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