Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal

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Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal Verenique Warren CJA 314: Criminology November 17, 2014 Corry Powers Abstract I am a criminologist that has been hired by the state legislature to examine a possible bill of doubling the prison sentencing of individuals committing armed robbery. Recommendations will be supplied as to whether or not this prison policy would be highly beneficial for all individuals (parties) involved. However this bill has positives and negative factors to it. Opinions vary, but from my viewpoints an extremely solid recommendation is not based solely on popularity; it is based primarily on statistics. Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal Armed robbery is deemed to be a dangerous crime throughout the United States. I could imagine being robbed at gunpoint or with a foreign object that could be a tragedy and terrible experience for anyone to have to endure. Therefore, armed robbery is a violent offense that can have a devastating effect on a person’s life for an entire lifetime. Armed robbery are crimes that are very detrimental to the growth of society, in essence society needs to do as much as possible to alleviate and or decrease these acts of violence. In my opinion, in an attempt to reduce the amount of armed robberies each year it is crucial to do some investigative work on different methods that would aid in the decline in violent crimes that take place annually. The state legislature will be voting on a bill that will double the maximum prison time that an individual will receive for armed robbery if convicted. Thereby, the whole purpose of this proposal is to help give divergent solutions that perhaps can be of assistance and lead the state legislation members to see a different perspective that can possibly be more useful and effective. For the sake of viewing this trendy bill, it’s imperative to analyze and survey

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