Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal

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Prison Term Policy recommendation Proposal CJA/314 04/25/12 Mr. Hewitt Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal As the criminologist advisor to a member of the Georgia State legislature, I was chosen to do research for the bill that would double the maximum prison term for anyone convicted of arm robbery. My boss knows it a popular bill but have concern whether it is a good one. My job is to make some recommendation in regards to if the bill is passed will it be beneficial to everyone in of Georgia. “The prison term policies are sentencing guidelines that are created by Congress and the State Legislature to provide judges with bases for sentencing those individuals found guilty of committing a crime to ensure that each person is treated equal without discrimination” (Sentencing guidelines, 2010). According, to the Uniform Crime Reporting Program it list these offenses robbery, forcible rape, and murder etc. as violent crimes. “As listed in the (UFC) a violent crime is any crime that involves force or threat of force to others” (Department of Justice, 2006). For armed robbery in Georgia the minimum sentence is 10 years without parole. In some cases if the offender is convicted for arm robbery he/she could face the death penalty. There are multiple benefits of the bill being passed to double the maximum prison term for those convicted of armed robbery. The study that was conducted in Italy shows that longer prison sentences lowers the recidivism rates among offenders, which over time would reduce the population of the already over populated prisons. The criminals would be off the streets for a longer period of time preventing them from committing future crimes. Longer prison sentences could be a deterrent for some criminals. Robbery is one of the top two violent crimes committed in Georgia and the longer sentence imposed on those criminals may lower

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