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Prison Term Policy Recommendation Paper University of Phoenix CJS/363 Geranda Christoffer January 14, 2012 Prison Term Policy Recommendation Paper Armed burglary is a fast growing criminal act that plagues most major cities across the United States. Many of these cases are pleaded down to a lesser charge. There are two types of pleas, charge plea which in terms means that an individual can plea to a lesser charge other than armed burglary or there is a sentence plea where the individual pleads guilty to the original charge in exchange for a lesser amount of time to be served in a correctional facility. The issue at hand is the fact that armed burglary is on the rise. Should a person be convicted of armed robbery have double the maximum sentence imposed upon them? There are negative and positive aspects to this action. The positives of this imposed sentence are logical. Doing this type of sentencing can helps set an example by instilling the emotion of fear. Criminals are less likely to commit a crime that they know carries a strict sentence. Crime rates will plummet for this specific crime. With the increasing numbers of inmates, there will also be an increasing number of employment needed to monitor these inmates. This strong sentence also would bring more justice to victims and the families of the victims. Ultimately this will help communities become safer. Detouring juveniles from committing armed robbery. A juvenile is much easier to use this scare tactic on that an adult. These are all valid arguments to support the positives of this imposed sentence. Property crimes would decrease. Individuals would have a sense of protection knowing that these types of individuals were off the streets and could not affect them no longer with feelings of emotional strain. When a home is broken into, the residents of this structure feel violated in

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