Prison Term Policy Recommendation Paper Cja/323

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Prison Term Policy Recommendation CJA/323 September 19, 2011 Jacqueline Waltman Abstract As a criminologist and someone who works as an advisor to a member of the state legislature that will soon hold a vote on a bill that will determine whether or not the maximum prison term for any person who is convicted of armed robbery should be doubled I will do my best to give an opinionated view on this subject that will be substantial enough for the person to whom I am advising to make a quality decision. My boss understands that the bill being placed before us is one that is incredibly popular but questions the merit of the bill because they are afraid the new legislation will not do much good. I will advise my boss by making recommendations and giving reason for making those recommendations. Prison Term Policy Recommendation Paper If we review recorded United States FBI records, armed robbery crimes account for nearly 30% of all violent crimes that are committed in our country and victims have a cost of a loss that averages near $600 million per annum (Internet Reference, Armed robbery falls under the title Larceny and is a crime of theft. It is categorized as it is due to the perpetrators use of threat of force and force. This is why often when a suspect is charged with ‘larceny and theft’ along with ‘robbery,’ here robbery would be the crime that would garner the harsher punishment. Laws differ when it comes to sentencing in each state when a verdict of guilty of the crime of armed robbery is rendered. When a person could be sentenced to armed robbery, the essential element of ‘taking property’ from the victim whether it be personal or corporate, the threat of using force to terrorize the victim into succumbing to demands made by the robber, when their lives are at risk because of certain items or property

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