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PRISON TERM POLICY 1 Prison Term Policy Recommendation Tineka Dixon CJA/314 August 25, 2012 Professor Dave Hart PRISON TERM POLICY 2 Prison Term Policy Recommendation The legislature will soon be voting on a bill that would give armed robbers double the maximum prison term, if the bill passes. I have been selected as the criminologist advisor to a member of the Texas state legislature, in which I will research the bill to determine whether or not doubling the maximum sentence for armed robbers would benefit the state. In doing my research, I will also provide recommendations that could possibly benefit the state of Texas in the event the bill is passed. My boss is well aware of the bill’s popularity, but is unsure if the bill will do any good. The objective of the prison term policy is to provide the court system/judges with a base to keep the public as safe as possible by removing violent criminals off the street, such as armed robbers. The prison term policy is to also help deter crime, so that the convicted criminal will not commit the same crime or any other violent crime, and/or to prevent others from doing armed robberies and/or any other violent crimes. “Prison term policies are sentencing guidelines that are created by the state legislature and congress to provide judges with a base to sentence individuals that are found guilty of committing a crime. Those sentencing guidelines are created in order to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and equally without discrimination” (sentencing guidelines, 2010). Armed robbery is considered to be a violent crime, along with murder, forcible rape and aggravated assault, according to the UCR (Uniform Crime Report). Crimes that involve force or the threat of force to others are violent crimes (Department of Justice, 2006). The state of Texas has a “3 Strike Law” in place. This is a

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