Prison Reform Essay

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Change Is The ONLY Way Abstract As human beings we are all flawless, right? As the imperfect beings that we are everyone at one point in time has made mistakes and/or given up on themselves. Many people believe that prison inmates are lost causes or are just not worth spending the time and money helping them because they’ve made a few wrong turns in life, it’s not like all human beings are perfect. The growing recidivism rates only tells Americas one thing, that something needs no must to be done to fix this, but it all must start with a change to our good old American prison system. Change Is The Only Way Who likes to just throw money away? The obvious answer would be no one in his or her right mind! Yet the actions taken by people just simply cease to amaze, that being said thus classifying the American Nation one insane nation. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. In the United States there are billions of our hard earned dollars that is being spent on housing, now not just any housing but the housing and maintaining of prison inmates. The only thing wrong with this is that everyone seems to be content knowing this. In order to make money, money has to be spent but we’re not making any money but plenty money is definitely being spent. There is nowhere near enough money going towards helping inmates, helping them in the kind of ways that can have a tremendous positive impact and outcome for not only those inmates but as well as the pockets of all the tax payers. Now all this can be more than just a dream as it is an idea, but this can only happen by making dramatic and as equal drastic adjustments to our prison reform system, so less and less inmates don’t get stuck in the vicious cycle of becoming repeat offenders. The sole thing those inmates need to make this work, so they can be worth

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