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|M. Bradley – Eng. 126 | |Memo To: Dr. Judy Rosenberg From: Meghan Bradley Date: 11/19/2006 Re: Feasibility Study Dr Rosenberg: Attached is the feasibility study that you requested on Thursday November 2, 2006. The topic of my study is prison overcrowding and what options the country and individual states can do about this problem. Please look over my study and the options I have provided and thoroughly review my report. Prison Overcrowding Prepared For: Dr Judy Rosenberg, CLC English 126 Professor Prepared By: Meghan Bradley, CLC English 126 Student November 11, 2006 1…show more content…
Even though the conditions have enhanced somewhat over the centuries – the issue with the overcrowding of prisons still stands. The demand for lower corrections costs tied with the pressures of an increasing inmate population has resulted in a growing shortage of living space. The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) National Inmate Survey (1995) found that “26.4% of inmates stated that they were currently sharing a single cell with another inmate. And 12% of those inmates sharing a single cell felt threatened by their cell-mate” (Results.) There is a multi-level context when facing the issue of prison crowding. There is the continued growth in a confined population context and the legal context. Prison Population…show more content…
Some prison overcrowding may exaggerate harsh and unpleasant conditions to the extent that they have become unconstitutional. One inmate claimed he was being subject to “cruel and unusual punishment due to overcrowding, excessive noise, inadequate heating and cooling, improper ventilation, unclean and insufficient restrooms, unsanitary dining facilities, etc” (Gaes). There have been numerous cases that have gone to the supreme court about prison facilities and their over crowdedness. Court orders have already forced the cutting loose of violent detainees awaiting trials or serving sentences in jails (Lauder). |Table 1 | |Cross-jurisdictional Comparison of Rates of Double-Bunking in Cells | | |

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