Prison Organizational Structure

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The Federal Bureau of Prisons operates with a Central Main Office and six Regional sites. The Central or Main office of the Bureau is divided into divisions in conjunction with the six Regional Offices. The BOP Executive Staff is the responsible to manage the organization in the United States. The organizational structure is composing by: a Director, Central Offices Divisions and The Regional Offices. The Director is the head of the Department and his main responsibility is to oversight and manages the Bureaus’s 114 institutions and maintains the safety and security of more than 193,500 inmates under the agency’s jurisdiction. The Central office Division consists of eight more offices with distinctive and individual duties. BOP is a structure…show more content…
The Bureau is divided into three main classifications of job opportunities at the BOP: The General Schedule that offers a total of 17 different positions, The Health Care that has 12 available positions, and The Wage system that has hired a total of 12 staff members. Also, the volunteering for the Bureaus of Prisons included: citizen, inmate and BOP Staff volunteer recruitment. This process is under the Institution Volunteer Coordinator program. Moreover, the eligibility and pre-requirements also included: 1. Age requirement 2. Background investigation 3. Citizenship eligibility 4. Employment interview 5.Orientation training 6. Physical abilities test 7. Physical requirements The wages are on a different pay scale. Now, in Federal Prison does exist the bureaucratic model that revolves in a hierarchical system that has no focused on one strict person. The organizational control does flow within the rigorous chain of command and the process of communication. Managers carefully establish the structure in which this chain of command will operate. In other words, chain of command is the hierarchical structure of management control in the BOP. Without this authority the department plays a risk game of miscommunication and mishandling a particular situation inside the

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