Prison Life In Bastille

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My name is Duke Antoine Raoul. I was born in Marseille, France, in the year of our lord 1677. In 1702, I was arrested and imprisoned in the Bastille prison in Paris, France, by that tyrant of a king, King Louis XIV. What was my crime you might ask, simply my religious practices. I am a devout Calvinist and the king is Roman Catholic, and as such holds strong anti-Protestant views. Because Protestants’ beliefs do not follow the king’s beliefs, King Louis XIV has decided to wage war on anyone that is not Roman Catholic. My arrest was nothing out of the ordinary; many other noble French citizens have met the same fate as I and many more after me as well. I was detained using a “lettre de cachet”, it is a letter under royal seal, issued by the king and signed by a minister, ordering me to be held. King Louis XIV personally decided I was to be imprisoned at the Bastille prison, as he did with the majority of other inmates imprisoned at the Bastille. King Louis XIV is such an arrogant narcissist, that each person arrested using a “lettre de cachet”, is arrested using a form of ceremony. The king’s men, tapped me on the shoulder with a white baton, and formally detained me in the name of the king. I was not given a reason for my detainment, but we Calvinist are all aware of King Louis’s disdain for our religious practices. I was also not even given a proper trial to defend myself and confront my accuser. I was simply ordered to be detained and held for an indefinite period of time. Like everyone else imprisoned in the Bastille prison, why I was imprisoned and even who I was while imprisoned was kept under a veil of secrecy. Legally my imprisonment at the Bastille prison was only for preventative or investigative reasons, but in reality, it was a form of punishment bestowed upon me by King Louis XIV. The reason I was imprisoned at Bastille prison and not
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