Prison Industrial Complex Essay

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Prison Industrial Complex Today in the United States we are seeing a change in state of incarceration, according to, since 2010 be have seen the prisoners released exceed prison admissions. This in fact is a major transformation because since 1977 releases have not exceeded admissions. One can view this in a positive aspect by thinking that the United States has finally started shifting their policies away from this asinine system of incarceration but in fact this may only be ploy to systematize a greater portion of our population. Even though release rates have grown, the United States still imprisons the highest percentage of its population. So in actuality, today, we are institutionalizing the greatest number of citizens in our history. Under this system our government can legally funnel the largest group of prisoners in of history through these institutions and systemize them. This product may be the agenda of our current system due to the fact that since we have the greatest number of offenders being supervised that ipso facto we have the greatest number of U.S. citizens that can have their rights legally taken away. Through policy, if government can legally take the rights of these citizens and institutionalize them what is stopping them from taking it…show more content…
This role makes it possible for our government to continue to institutionalize citizens even after their release. This role can be viewed as an invisible hand, I see it as getting prisoners adjusted to being controlled outside the walls and to make sure they integrate successfully back into the system while stripping away their civil rights. This system enables our government to institutionalize citizens with prisons then after their release through parole and probation to effectively continue to take away civil liberties and more actively place disruptive citizens into a suppressive

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