Prison For Punishment Or Rehabilitation? Essay

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In our society, the dual purpose of imprisonment is punishment and/or rehabilitation. Throughout the country, there is an increased prison population. If prisons are meant to hold criminals and punish them for their actions, why are they being let out due to mathematics? Prison is thought of, by some, to be a terrible place that people would not want to be. So, why do people continue to break parole and end up back in jail? There are prisoners who are released, but they don't return to prison. Yet, the majority of prisoners released do go back to jail. The rate for re-arrest is so high because criminals think they're not going to get caught or they're so emotionally desperate or psychologically distressed that they don't care about the consequences. This apathetic attitude might not even matter, because around 90% of the men never get out of prison alive. The really scary part is that younger prisoners are coming out of jail as more accomplished criminals. Young kids are kept in prison to long, and they learn from other criminals. When they are paroled, they are better criminals, and they won't get caught as easily. How is jail working if criminals are being released better at their crimes from when they were first sentenced to imprisonment? Conservative lawmakers want to try kids as young as thirteen in adult courts, and they are trying to place them in adult prisons. Although juvenile crime has become more pervasive and more violent , it is not fair to lock up young kids with hardened criminals. This will not lower the crime-rate, but just increase the prison population. While in these hardcore prisons, teenagers would be getting a criminal education instead of a real education. Politicians claim that they support policies that are tough on crime and prisons, but they're not. Instead of putting money into programs such as remedial education,

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