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Prison Environment Alexis Lucca CJS/ 230 06/11/2014 Jason Skeens Prison Environment Prison is not the place that people want to spend a majority of their life at. It’s overcrowded, dirty, no privacy and very dangerous. It is like taking a bunch of troubled people and throwing them in a small room to live their life 23 hours a day. Prisoners are always on edge making sure that they are protecting themselves from others. There are usually a lot of violent offenders in prison and they don’t care about the well-being of others. The prison environment can influence management and custody. There are some employees of the institution that get close with certain individuals incarcerated and they end up bringing drugs or weapons into the facility for the criminal. A few ways to improve the prisons management to make changes to the prison environment would be to get the management more involved one on one with the inmates, issues arising in the prison or with inmates, creating projects and opportunities to help improve the lives of inmates. All of these things would enhance the morale in the prisons, and in turn create a more positive environment and a more positive view towards the prison management. Secure custody is when an individual is separated from general population. The inmates have the rights to be moved away from the population, the prison system has the legal responsibility to protect him if they have valid reasons to why he/she needs to be moved. Secure Custody can be improved simple by making sure that the inmate truly needs this protection and isn’t just saying that they need help to get out of trouble they may have caused in their cell block. It is designed for people who really truly need this protection like celebrities, law enforcement officers, and high media cases. * References * Foster, B. (2006).

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