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Prison System Comparison Donita Estes CJA/204 January 19, 2012 Joseph Dempsey Prison System Comparison Prisons are used to hold adults that have been convicted and sentenced to more than a year. There are several issues in our prison system that have been addressed but not corrected. On both, state and federal levels, our legal systems are faced with problems that affect those that are not incarcerated. The history of our prisons is not far from what we have in our present day. In each state there are different levels and locations in which a prison is ran. As we progress as a world, we have to address the growing issues that are causing the demise of our system on both levels, state and federal. The federal prison was created by an act of Congress signed into law by President Herbert Hoover in May of 1930. Prior to the first federal prison opened, there were federal prisoners but they were housed in other locations such as state prisons. In prior decades, there were few federal crimes and a few criminals sentenced to federal prison but that was changed after the Civil War. The numbers began to grow and then the issues of overcrowding started to occur. As time passed, more institutions were built in several states and began to house offenders on a federal level. The federal was looked at as stricter than the state level. In this day that feeling remains. Our state prisons have been around in different forms since the beginning of time. Just like in present days, history shows that the prisons have had some of the same issues. Over the past two decades, the prison population has increased drastically. It causes overcrowding which is a one of growth in the state prison system. Overcrowding is best defined as housing Along with overcrowding; the war on drugs has tripled our prison population. Once the population exceeds the capacity, it becomes more difficult

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