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The American Penitentiary Budget The penal system in almost all states are in need of financial support. There are several issues in regards to early release of individuals who have non-violent drug offences. Other issues of concern involve race factors and the type of crime committed inside the penal system that has provoked tax payers and business owners to contemplate whether to spend money or make money. The prison deficit has the federal and state penitentiaries at a stand-still running out of resources and funds to feed and house inmates. It seems like a reasonable approach that non-violent drug offenders be released earlier in order for the prison budget to be satisfied. Alternate possibilities have been discussed in order for…show more content…
Giving convicted drug offenders the ability to be a better part of society when they are released. One option is to offer college, education, or trade programs for convicted drug offenders so that when they are released they have a better chance of rehabilitation and are less likely to return to prison or like institutions. Prisoners--who are less likely to have completed high school or obtained a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) than the general population--typically enter prison with an educational disadvantage. In fact, there is a direct correlation between a lack of education and the probability of incarceration" (Colgan). An alternative option is for government programs to offer tax relief to companies and business owners that would consider hiring convicted drug offenders. Also improving upon the penitentiaries’ ability to run efficiently by scrutinizing the way they use their budget. This is a good time for states to put systems in place that facilitate both budget prioritization and the side-by-side evaluation of expenditures that are reflected on-budget and those that take place through the tax code. (Grundman) Different ways of approaching the problem — that would have both short- and long-term implications — could include changes that reduce repetition, appropriately accelerating the release of some prisoners, and rethinking who needs to go to…show more content…
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