Prison and Rehabilitation Essay

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Prisons and Rehabilitation Waking up on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning just to find out your new next-door neighbor is a frustrated, mad at the world, drug-using ex-con would place a dark cloud over anyone’s head. Everyone deserves a second chance at life, even if the first attempt landed him or her behind bars. Placing people is prison for any duration to time without any type of rehabilitation is not the answer to the prisoners’ problems. In order for prisoners to become law-abiding citizens, prisons must implement rehabilitation programs. The purpose of rehabilitation programs is to help prisoners find employment once released, to continue his or her education, and to provide continued support once release back into society. Prisons should implement rehabilitation programs that will assist prisoners with finding employment once released from prison. According to Pavis (2002), a key component is providing education and vocational training to prisoners making them better qualified to find employment. Prisons should have programs that conduct simulated job fairs in an effort to better prepare prisoners for job interviews. Through rehabilitation programs, prisoners will have the opportunity to acquire skills that will aid in their ability to adjust back into society once released from prison. Another reason prisons should implement rehabilitation programs is to allow prisoners to further their education. People so often hear or say education is key. If education is the key, once a prisoner acquires his or her sentence, achieving a diploma should be mandatory. All prisons must be required to provide quality education programs with highly qualified instructors. Studies have shown that by achieving a high school diploma it significantly increases earnings throughout ones’ lifetime (Corrections Today, 2008). However, education does not stop at the
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