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CASE APPLICATION 6-A: PRIORITY STAFFING CASE SUMMARY Priority Staffing Solutions, New York, NY, is a temporary staffing agency specializing in multilingual temporary workers. This niche organization provides a service that helps her clients manage their costs and adapt to changing staffing needs. 1. What role does a temporary staffing agency like Priority Staffing Solutions play in the recruiting efforts of an organization? This particular agency provides staffing support for unique positions that require multilingual employees. Since the requirements for the positions vary based on the current need, the HR department can rely upon Priority Staffing Solutions to “do the work” when needed – and to supply much needed help in niche positions. 2. Does a surplus or a shortage of workers play a role in how organizations recruit? When there is a shortage of workers, companies are more aggressive and creative in their recruiting techniques. When there is a surplus of workers, companies can be less aggressive and more selective in their hiring. A surplus of workers who are qualified and interested reduces the need of the employer to actively recruit. When competition is higher, more resources are required to locate, interview and “sell” the potential employee on the open position. An organization like Priority Staffing Solutions specializes in an area likely to have many “shortages”. 3. How does an organization like Priority Staffing Solutions assist in filling “hard to recruit” jobs? Explain. As mentioned in previous questions, Priority Staffing Solutions specializes in multilingual temporary workers. This specialty allows the organization to “keep tabs” on the labor market, then use its knowledge to match the available workforce with open positions in the clients’ companies. 4. What effect on an
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