Printing Press Dbq Research Paper

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Many people have contributed to society in a major degree, but others have reformed the world. The printing press caused both reformation and exploration to different extents. Reformations from the invention of the printing roses include the creation of a new religion, Lutheranism, more books being made which in turn increased literacy rates, and it increased the cultural diversity. The exploration effects caused by the printing press were that voyagers were able to keep documentation of their trips and be able to reproduce their results for many people to see and it also allowed map makers to increase the accuracy if their drawings. The printing press cause many reformations. It aloud Martin Luther to mass produce his 95 thesis's…show more content…
The printing press aloud people liked Christopher Columbus to keep a log of his voyage, and upon return it aloud him mass produce his finding for many people to see. This is a sort of a domino effect to the next part of exploration the printing press caused. With all the data able to be shared map makers of the time were able to be more accurate with their maps. They were alps able to make more maps for more people to have because the printing press aloud them to mass produce maps. Which is another reason that the printing press as probably the most important invention of the human generation. The printing press led to many beneficial acts to society. It aloud reformation and exploration to different extents. It aloud the invention of a new religion and the spread of it through a whole nation and helped increase the literacy rate of people around the world and probably increased the literacy of people today. It also helped exploration and map making by allowing the 2 different people to somewhat collaborate on their work. In the end it also helped make the final product a more accurate and low cost product. Making the printing press one of the most important event ions of all
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