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Nicholas Ferracuti 22/11/2011 CS101A Tutorial Instructor: Elin Edwards Abstract: The printing press was one of the most important inventions ever, and as a medium of communication, it is important for us to learn about it compared to other mediums. I searched multiple databases and library books to find those who researched and analysed its importance and what it meant to society at the time, and through changes of society. My findings lead me to learn the details of Harold Innis’ research on the bias of communication, and how it was flawed. Innis was limited by his time, and only looked at the printing press through one perspective, and that is that it was a space biased medium of communication, according to his spectrum of time and space biased media. The Printing Press and its Importance as a Medium of Communication The printing press was, without doubt, one of the most important inventions of all time; however there are a number of different perspectives from which to view it. It is most commonly looked at through its content and by listing the important affairs which could not have taken place without it. The printing press is important in large part due to its content, including the way the use of the printing press was influential in expanding religions, with the mass printing for international distribution of the bible and other religious books. Print as a medium, however, is also very important to be viewed. The growth of print around the world changed the way people communicated, as it enabled an entire new front of communication. A professor named Harold Innis introduced the idea of time and space biased media and included print in his analysis. Due to the time that he introduced his ideas however, he was incorrect in his analysis of print. When print is compared to real and current time and real and current space biased mediums, the

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