On Print or Pixel? Essay

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It’s a familiar scene in movies set back in the days when electricity didn’t yet power every home for miles around. Some prolific, revolutionary writer, hunched over his battered wooden desk, dipping his quill every so often in the ink that would sometimes splatter on his words, his endeavors lit only by a dim, fading candlelight. Nowadays, a different scenario would present itself, with nonetheless the same intent. The heroic author would now have a pasty sheen to his skin from a lack of exposure to the sun, his eyes red-rimmed as he struggles to pry them open as he forcefully sits with his back rim rod straight, lost in the hypnotizing glow of the computer monitor. Now, the transition doesn’t only happen when it concerns matters of global importance either. Who used to be a naïve, idealistic young girl who previously confided into her leather bound notebook, complete with a lock and key, may now be the proud owner of her very own domain name, a website marked as hers by a sprinkling of glittery, graphic hearts and an alias with one too many numbers. Indeed, the internet came with more than we ever dreamed of, beyond a research library at one’s disposal with a few taps on a plastic board with labeled buttons. Young and old alike now have access to billions of websites that cater to everything from educational material, games, music, art, technicalities, and yes, even blogging, a newer version of the old, faithful ‘Dear Diary.’ Though, some people still hold onto the traditional pen and paper they cannot deny that its modern counterpart is an improvement, in more ways than one. The very objective of the deed has not been changed by technology, though. As it had been with the old form, blogs are still and also used to recount events, to release emotions, and to express ideas. But this is where their similarities end? It’s certainly false that some things that

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