Print Advertisements Essay

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Print Advertisements This paper is about advertisements whose similarity is based on a fact that all concern the advertising of men fragrances, and all were found in textual context of print advertising. In more specific terms, the advertised products included the new fragrance for men “Nautica”, “Eternity” and “Extreme Polo”. The advertisements were located within recent edition of popular men’s magazines, namely GQ, Sport Illustrated and Esquire. In this essay I will individually analyze these advertisements in terms of their status as signs, whose associative meaning not only five a favorable impression of the product, but were also compatible with and complementary to the masculine context in which they were situated. Although all of the ads do not physically represent the product, they all provide an important iconic representation of both the product and what the product should stand for. I strongly focused upon the ad’s photographic imagery, and the ways in which this imagery generates the appropriate signified concepts or emotional overtones which promote the image of the product. The first example strongly relies upon use of photographic imagery. It featured an advertisement for the fragrance “Nautica”. The advertisement uses a variety of signifiers which publicize both the identity of the brand and image which is in line with ideology of the text in which it appears, which, in this case, is the youthful, glamorous GQ magazine. The ad features a male model in his early to mid twenties, and he is sailing in yacht in the open ocean. Adjacent to him is an iconic image of the product itself, which is projected as being disproportionately large. Underneath this image of the product are the words: “Know no boundaries,” and together these separate components form an
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