Principles of Personal Development in Adult Social Care Environment

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Principles of Personal Development in Adult Social Care Environment 1.1 Standards that influence how Adult Social Care job roles are carried out: • Code of Practice as laid down by the Management of the care home • Legislation and regulations that are currently in place such as the Equality Act 2010 and the CQC Judgement Framework Outcome 1 which details the way in which the Care Quality Commission will measure care providers against the Health and Social Care Act 2008 • National Occupational Standards which define individual competence in performance terms i.e. the successful outcome of work activity. These standards are concerned with what people do and not just what they know. They are in place to promote best practice. 1.2 Reason why reflecting on work activities is an important developmental skill: • It allows you to review how and why you carry out a particular task or range of tasks which in, turn gives indications that identify possible areas of improvement in your role as carer • Indicates better methods of carrying out the role of carer • May Indicate possible areas of further training that may be needed • Indicate areas to be discussed in our annual personal development plan review 1.3 Ways to ensure personal attitudes do not obstruct the quality of work • Have self awareness of innate attitudes and those acquired through peer pressure • Develop an understanding and awareness of other people’s attitudes and convictions and accepting and respecting these personal differences even though you may not fully agree with them. 2.1 How a learning activity has improved my own skill • A resident with Parkinson’s Disease had progressed to a stage where she was now unable to stand without assistance. For carers’ personal safety there is a not lifting policy in the care home. A Team leader trained me in the safe use of a harness in conjunction with
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