Principles of Marketing Case 1 Essay

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Introduction and overview The product that I have purchased that is classified as high involvement purchase is a car. This is a Mitsubishi Lancer. The automobile is made in Japanese fully assembled. It is a four cylinder compact and is advertised as a fuel saver compared to the cars that are manufactured in the United States by the carmakers such as General Motors and Ford Motors. The car is fully automatic transmission system which makes it easier to drive and less tiring on the wheel in a heavy traffic. Like my old car which is of a different brand made by Toyota this car is fully air-conditioned, with radio and CD player included. The commodity that I recently purchased that I consider as low involvement purchase is the purchase I made on a Japanese Sashimi in a Japanese restaurant. The Mitsubishi Lancer is a high involvement purchase because I had to raise a down payment for making the order, and then I had to decide how I shall pay the balance on installments either through my bank, or the financing company of the distributor of Mitsubishi. The low involvement purchase of Japanese sashimi was an easy decision. All I did was to pay the price from my pocket and I like Sashimi among others. I love to eat Japanese food although I am not Japanese. High involvement purchase A high involvement purchase is one where there are many factors to consider. The decision is high involvement because of the quality and brand of the commodity, the payment or financing scheme I have to make, the color of car although this was not so important at the time, and the availability, and the warranties and after purchase services available within easy reach. I also had to consider the space available for my family trips outside the city limits. The space would include the passenger seats and the luggage compartment. I also had to add some more such as gutters for the windows so that I

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