Principles of Infection Prevention and Control Essay

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1/ 1.1 Employees’ roles and responsibilities are to adhere by the policies and guidelines set out by the trust which can be found on the intranet. The policies on the intranet relate to specific infections, with clear guidelines to reduce spread of specific infections and how staff can protect themselves and patients. For example for the five points of patient contact, for each point of contact employee would be expected to wash their hands or gel their hands before and after contact. However if there are any difficulties following the policies and procedures set out by the employer the employee has a responsibility to make their manager aware of the difficulties and further to report breaches in good practice. 1/1.2 The Employers responsibility to all employees is to, according to the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, (NICE) guidelines provide everyone involved in providing care with education about the standard principles of infection prevention and control and trained in hand decontamination and the use of protective equipment. With regular updates and appropriate equipment available, whilst maintaining up to date policies that can be easily accessed by all employers. The most important outcome in relation to the NICE guidelines is to protect health care workers from health care associated infections and prevent cross contamination of infections from patient to patient. 2/2.1 The NICE guidelines state that health care workers are required by law to be provided with appropriate supplies of hand decontamination products, PPE and sharps disposal equipment (Health And Safety Work Act 1974, Health and Safety Regulations 2002, Control of Substances Harmful to Heath Regulations 2002, Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, Health and Social Care Act 2008). This recommendation complies to current
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