Principles of Health and Social Care Essay

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Principles of health and social care practice In this essay I will be describing the principles and outlining the procedures that are needed to safeguard colleagues and service users from harm I will also state the relevance of legislation, regulations, code of practice and policies and procedures, while defining the importance of them. The theories are also relevant to health and social care; I will state what theory is and how we benefit from inter-professional working also the impact it has on individuals and services what our roles and responsibilities are in an outside work settings. The principles of care provides the foundation upon which the principles of practices are applied, values are subjective and varies from people and culture. Service users should feel valued and recognised as an individual, promoting their rights in a way that enables the service user’s choices, involving them in making decisions to meet their needs taking in perspective their rights to be treated with dignity, and have their privacy and confidentiality respected Data Protection Act (1998) states organisations are legally required to do this, information must be shared only on a need to know basis example if a service user is a danger to themselves or others even if there is a risk to the health and welfare of the care worker etc, then information must be disclosed otherwise personal records must be kept confidential, service users have the right to access information that is stored about them Access to information Act (1985) and freedom of information act (2000) suggest that. Independence must be promoted so that with support they will feel empowered to take control of their own lives, Care workers must engage constantly with diverse ethnic groups to broaden their learning to implement better skills in practice. Risk assessments must be done to ensure the safety and
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