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Principles of Economics Charliena Diego Professor Jean Fonkoua ECO 100- Principles of Economics July 28, 2013 Principles of Economics The economy in Crossville Tennessee has made it where 47 million Americans have to depend on food stamps and welfare to survive. Out of the 47 million people that radical Republicans call moochers, almost half of them are children that are under the age of 18, and around 10 percent are elderly. It has been almost 50 years since SNAP, the food stamp program that helps keep millions of Americans from going hungry, has been part of the annual farm subsidy bill. The subsidy program was initially designed to help poor farmers that had a hard time with their crops. But over the years it has become riddled with fraud, and now it mainly benefits corporations and wealthy individuals. House Republicans recently passed a farm bill that includes $195 billion for subsidies to “farmers” while completely eliminating food stamps and nutrition programs. These congressmen know the bill can’t survive the Senate or a White House veto, but they passed it anyway as a declaration of “who they are.”(Crossville Chronicle). And who are these men really? They are from the GOP-Tea Party Congressman Stephen Fincher from Tennessee’s eighth district, he is considered one of the state’s largest-ever recipients of farm subsidy payments. The congressman, his father and brother are farmers that farm more than 2,500 acres of cotton in five Tennessee counties. And it seems that the last 10 years the Fincher’s have received almost/around $9 million in cotton subsidies. But the average monthly food stamp benefit, is right around $287. For some reason politician can always seem to find an out-of-context phrase that is somewhere in the Bible to support a point of view that fits his agenda, that it will justify his vote to take food from millions of hungry

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