Principles of Economics Essay

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1111111111111111111111111111111 11111111111 1I1111lll 1111111111111111 llllflllllllll *I'IK~47-0' 0-001201;. 111111111 MK-47 010-001204 B. B. A. (Sem. II) (CBCS) Examination April / May - 2012 204 - Principles of Economics Faculty Code : 010 Subject Code : 001204 Time: 3 Hours] [Total Marks: 70 Instructions : (1) (2) Both sections (I & II) are compulsory. Each MCQ carries one mark, each descriptive questions carries 10 marks. SECTION - I Multiple 1 Choice Questions Concept of economic growth implies (a) qualitative changes (b) quantitative changes (c) both quantitative changes and qualitative changes (d) neither qualitative nor quantitative Which of following is not feature of Indian economy ? (a) Low per capita income (b) Domination of agriculture (c) Widespread unemployment (d) High rate of saving and capital formation. Which of following is the largest employment providing sector in India? (a) Industrial sector (b) Service sector (c) Agriculture (d) Government undertaking In the human development report 2010, India had ranking at (a) (b) (c) (d) 126th 2 3 4 119th 127th 129Lh 1 [Contd ... MK-47-010-001204] 5 According to census 2011, India's population was (a) 121 CI'Ore (b) 125 crore (c) 111 crore (d) 131 crore The Census 2011 is the National Census of India undertaken by the government after a gap of 10 years. (a) 11th (b) 14th (c) 18th (d) 15th According to the census 2011, density of population was __ per square kilometre. (a) 324 (b) 224 (c) 382 (d) 364 Select odd one (a) Death rate means number of death per thousand (b) Birth rate means number of Birth per thousand (c) Density of .population implies total population (d) Life expectancy refers to mean expectation of Poverty implies (a) high level of price level (b) Person who fail to reach a certain consumption requirements. (c) Lack

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