Principles of Communication Essay

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Kathleen Brown (Pryor) 09/09/2014 Principles of communication 1.1 There are many reasons why people communicate. They may want to express their feelings, emotions, their needs or if they are in pain. They may want to share information about a service user for example writing in personal records /reports updating any changes or needs. As a health care assistant I attend a hand over meeting at the beginning of my shift which informs me of any changes, needs or appointments that need attending. I also need to communicate with other staff members to ensure effective team work and continuity of all care provided. 1.2 Effective communication affects all aspects of working in an adult social care setting as effective communication is important as it ensures that the information given is clear, non-judgmental, accurate and informative. It is equally important to work as a team and communicate the wants and needs of an individual to ensure the appropriate care service is provided and maintained so that we all work to achieve the same outcome and targets. 1.3 It is important to observe an individual’s reactions when communicating with them for many reasons: they may not have understood what you have said to them; they may not agree or want to do something that is asked of them, they may use facial or bodily reactions as a form of communication. 2.1 It is important to find out an individual’s communication and language needs, wishes and preferences correctly so that we do not cause them any distress or frustration and to understand the way that is best for them to communicate. What could work well with one person may not work so well with another person and no one should feel excluded because their needs are different. We need to be sure that they have understood the options that they may be given to allow them the freedom of choice and to promote independence. 2.2

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