Principles for Implementing Duty of Care Health, Social Care or Children's and Young People's Settings Essay

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level 3, Diploma in health and social care QCF Assignment: Task 1: What is meant by the term "duty of care" it means having responsibilty for another indiviual, someone who is too old, young, ill or too unfit mentally to care for themselves, requires someone to assist in their daily living needs whether this is support to wash, meals safety, transportation, medical or physical needs. employers also have a duty of care to their employees. employees also have a duty of care to other employees and a duty of care to themselves. how the duty of care affects the work of the support worker. Sometimes while doing you job you may come across conflicts/dilemmas beween duty of care and indiviuals rights. This may include situations where the indiviuals you are supporting may not agree with what you believe is best for them. in this situation it is best to make sure the service user is fully aware of the consequences of their choice and they have the mental capacity to understand the risk involved. it is their right as an individual to be able to make informed choices about their lives, even if we disagree. you can always seek advice from your manager or senior staff. What having duty of care means to a care giving organisation. level 3, Diploma in health and social care QCF Assignment: Task 2.1:describe two situations , which demonstrate a conflict or dilemma between exercising duty of care and the rights of an indiviual. a support worker goes to a service users house and they do not want to take their prescribed medicine from the doctor and there is no mars sheet written up for it. a service
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