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Principles of Economics 1 The first article is in regards to the migrant workers that have come and are already in the United States. The thought of these people are that they just work in the fields; the reality is that they maintain a good portion of the construction jobs throughout the United States. When times are good a migrant worker in the construction business could take home over $1000.00 dollars a week (, migrant workers, 2008). Money used to be good, now with the economy slowing down and new building at a halt, migrant workers are forced to fight for very low paying menial jobs. It goes to show that the economy shows mercy to no one. Cash plays a huge role in the next article. Like the article reads cash was a dangerous thing to accumulate (, All you need is cash, 2008). When the economy was not in its present state companies would always try to not hoard their cash flow, things would be done to make sure that there was no excess money in the bank like; give back to the investors, pay special dividends or buy back shares. With the market in its present state companies are trying to keep as much money as possible just so that they can hang on as long as possible, this money will go to pay the staff that they do have left and the bills that they can pay. The last article is one that has been in the new very recently, the Big Three Carmakers. So many people have heard that the news that Ford, Chevy and Chrysler asking for an over 25 Billion dollar bailout, what many people do not know is the affect on the European Carmakers will be if the Big Three are not helped since so many vehicles are imported from Europe and they are subsidiaries of the American companies. Reality is that if these companies are not Principles of Economics 2 bailed out it could cause a ripple in the complete automobile market and we can be sure that

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