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Intelligence Essay Stephanie PSY- 102 General Psychology Lisa Swiecki June 5, 2011 In this essay I will identify and define the nine different types of intelligences, I will also explain the value of intelligence testing as well as identify the measurement criterion of intelligence testing. Additionally, I will discuss a few of the controversies found with the intelligence tests. Finally, I will attempt to provide some solutions to minimize the controversies found with intelligence tests. Let’s start with the nine different types of intelligences which are Linguistic Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Spatial Intelligence, Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, Logical-Mathematical Intelligence, Intrapersonal Intelligence, Naturalist Intelligence, and Emotional Intelligence. Linguistic Intelligence is the capacity or ability to utilize language to express ideas and understand other people. Musical Intelligence refers to a person’s ability to think in terms of music, hear patterns and even manipulate patterns. Spatial Intelligence is the ability to picture or reflect the world inside a person’s mind. Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence is the ability to use your body as a whole or in parts to make something, solve a problem, or make a production. Interpersonal Intelligence is a person’s ability to interact and understand others. Logical/Mathematical Intelligence is one’s ability to problem solve scientifically. Intrapersonal Intelligence is knowledge and understanding of oneself. Naturalistic Intelligence is the ability to identify and classify patterns in nature as well as discriminate among living things and the world around them. Emotional Intelligence is defined as the ability to motivate, show empathy, the ability to self-regulate, the capacity of self-awareness, and social skills. Howard Gardner identified the multiple intelligence
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