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There are 3 main principles that outline the cognitive levels of analysis. The first principle is Humans are information processors and mental representation guides our behavior. The second principle is the fact that the mind can be studied scientifically. The final one is the fact that Cognitive processes are influenced by social and cultural factors. This essay will focus on how these 3 principles summarize the cognitive level of analysis. The first principle is the fact that humans are information processors, and mental representation guides our behavior. The meaning of this is that we react to the information input from the sensory system and thus our differences in experience or mental representation guide us to our different behavior or reactions a.k.a output. This also leads to the idea in which there is a relationship between thoughts and behavior and the fact that people have fixed ideas about others. One of the many studies that prove the point of this principle is Bartlett’s concept schema in reconstruction. The concept of schema was created to provide a difference in the basis for temporal alternative and spatial storage of memory. Bartlett put people into studies under environments which he believes they will have full reign over their bodies Through an activity of “turning around upon schemata,” to prove that humans can go into a state of full consciousness or a flow of activity in an environment that takes active control over mind and behavior. This shows that in a turn of events humans react to the input from their environment thus changing their

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