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Classical Principles of Argument University of Phoenix Cassondra Capers ENG/215 September 21, 2013 Dr. Williams Classical Principles of Argument In the essay “Reminders of Poverty, Soon Forgotten” the author expresses his view on how natural disasters affected the nation. Showing his feelings to help the reader understand how he feels about poverty. The truth is, poverty has been around for a long time in different countries and within the United States. Poverty in the United States is highest in the nation in the lower Mississippi areas. Letting the world see how bad poverty showed men and women how others had to live in other states looking for surviving family members. With the problem being showed nationwide you had organizations, church groups, and celebrities come together to provide food, water, and clothes. Poverty, still soon again faded in the background again so silently without a notice. For poverty not to be noticeable to others, shows that people really do not see the effect that it has on the nation as a whole. The author used all three classical principles of argument to show the reader how his authority of how he was feeling during Hurricane Katrina. The author expresses how it should not have taken a hurricane to realize how bad poverty was across the United States but mainly in the south region states. The principles can show how the reader can relate to the actions taken place in New Orleans, which can give any man or woman a feeling of what happen. Lives were taken away from Hurricane Katrina affected the whole world, especially knowing how bad it was that people did not have a place to go and no food to eat. The news media helped bring the story of poverty to life, to show the world that it took a natural disaster to show the world or society the real problem which families was living where he or she could. The world was

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