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BOOK REVIEW 1. Gen a. Name of Book : Principle - Centered Leadership b. Author : Stephen R. Covey c. Publishers : Simon & Schuster Ltd d. No of pages : 334 e. No of chapters : 31 f. Year of publication : 1991 2. Intro. In this book Principle-Centered Leadership, Stephen R Covey encourages the readers to utilize four central principles (security, guidance, wisdom, and power) as core in personal and professional lives. Covey believes that centring our lives on the these principles is the key to developing the rich internal power in our lives. The book is divided into two sections: Section 1 addresses personal and interpersonal effectiveness, while Section 2 examins managerial and organizational development. 3. Covey offers guidelines and tips on how to achieve a more principle-centered perspective, including charts, lists, concepts maps, and many memorable quotes scattered thoughout the text. Stephen R. Covey demonstrates that the answer to the question like How do we as individuals and organizations survive and thrive amid tremendous change? Is it realistic to believe that balance among personal, family, and professional is possible? The key to dealing with the challenges that face us today is the recognition of a principle-centered core within both ourselves and our organizations. Dr. Covey offers insights and guidelines that can help you apply these principles both at work and at home. The book provide understanding of how to increase quality and productivity, but also to a new appreciation of the importance of building personal and professional relationships in order to enjoy a more balanced, more rewarding, more effective life. 4. Word about the Author. Stephen R Covey is founder and the chairman of Covey Leadership Center, an international 170-member firm, and the nonprofit institute for Principle –

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