Principal Tasks Essay

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School Case Study Joyce R. Brown Grand Canyon University: EDA-585 August 5, 2015 Introduction This assignment requires the collection of information on the school of choice. The school selected is viewed as a Professional Learning Community (PLC). The demographics, goals, mission, annual yearly progress (AYP), enrollment, staffing, and community background will be researched and detailed. Schools are basically a community within a community and in order for a principal to be effective in their school they have to view their school as a learning community where not only students are learning but faculty and staff grow and learn also. Red Springs Middle School was the school chosen for this assignment because it is a school that has made a tremendous turn around over the last several years. District and Community Background Red Springs Middle School is located in the Public Schools of Robeson County school district. Red Springs is a town located in Robeson County and it has a population of approximately 3,493 people. Robeson County is the largest county in the state of North Carolina and it is a multi-racial county. The majority of the population in Robeson County lives in areas that are considered “rural”. The Public Schools of Robeson County (PSRC) is a countywide public school system that enrolls over 24,000 students. Red Springs is one of the cities located within Robeson County and this school is a community school. There are a great deal the students at this school whose families are life-long residents of the Red Springs community. The community is very invested and the school and they want to see the school succeed. There are several public housing areas located within the town of Red Springs and many of the students who attend this school live in these housing projects. Many of the students come from single parent households and
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