Princess Diana Eulogy Analysis

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PRINCESS DIANA’S EULOGY EARL SPENCER ANALYTICAL COMMENTARY ------------------------------------------------- ------------------- In Westminster Abbey on 6 September 1997 Earl Spencer, brother of the late Princess Diana delivered a moving eulogy at his sisters funeral. Because of the funeral being broadcast to millions around the world, and Diana arguably being one of the most highlighted women in history, and of course his sister, it was crucial that Earl Spencer adhered to the many protocols that come with delivering a eulogy. Because of the untimely and tragic circumstances in which Diana died, when negotiating the taboo of death, the Earl repetitively used euphemistic lexical phrases such as “taken from us” (line 13) and “your memory” (line 18) to take the ‘harsh edge’ off what was an event so raw and close to so many people’s hearts including his own. Earl Spencer incorporates a triptych structure in the introduction of his speech “a family in grief, in a country in morning, before a world in shock.” (Line 1) The use of this device creates a principle, by which each statement is eluded by a bigger statement, from “family” to “world” - emphasizing Earl Spencer’s attitude towards Diana’s importance and legacy, within a variety of environments. He uses a similar technique when he uses fronting to topicalise the phrase “all over the world” this again emphasises the scale of Princess Diana’s work. Earl Spencer’s personal attitude towards Diana is reflected within his description of her, he integrates a semantic field of admiration: “selfless humanity” “beauty” “essence of compassion”, this complimentary lexis communicates to the audience, his love for his sister and a general reasoning for the presumed worldwide adoration for her also. Earl Spencer’s values in relation to his attitudes towards Diana become evident in his language “a standard-bearer for the

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