Prince Sports Marketing Essay

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We are going to be looking at Prince Sports, and what it can do to improve it’s position through marketing. We will start by looking at environmental forces in the 21st century that effect Prince Sports. Then we will move on to what actions they could do to spur interest in tennis within the United States, and what they could do to try and advertise to recreational and junior players. Following that we will be looking at ways for it to increase its distribution through both mass merchandisers and specialty shops. Then we will wrap up with looking at what they could do to gain ground in the international market. There are a few environmental forces that will both help and hinder the growth and distribution of tennis products produced by Prince Sports in the 21st century. Thanks to their innovations Prince Sports has some very advanced technological advances built into their raqcuets which would help with the appeal. They are also quickly adopting to new communication channels to put out their brand and promotions such as social media. The economy of the United States has progressed far from the recent recession of 2008, but is still not completely recovered. There is also a recent increase of interest in tennis inside of the United States which should help boost sales. While all of these things are good for the company there are some things working against them. The very same technological advances could hinder their market share as implementing the technology into the racquets drives up the price of them. Care should also be taken when adopting to new channels communications, since a simple mistake could end up making them the butt end of a joke. They also need to be aware of what their competition could be doing to dip into the available market share of tennis customers. There are several things that Prince Sports could do to increase the

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