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Running Head: CAN PRINCE SPORTS “KEEP UP” IN A CHANGING MARKET? CAN PRINCE SPORTS “KEEP UP” IN A CHANGING MARKET? Francesca LaRosa Empire State College Author Note This paper was prepared for Marketing Principles taught by Professor Gene Dichiara. CAN PRINCE SPORTS “KEEP UP” IN A CHANGING MARKET? Abstract Prince Sports, Inc. has been around for over 40 years, with Bob McClure’s simple creation of a ball machine starting the organization from his very own basement in 1970. A mere 6 years later, Howard Head’s invention of the world’s first oversized racquet literally revolutionized the industry. Years later, Prince Sports, Inc. saw the need to expand due to the ever-changing needs and wants of their consumers and added additional…show more content…
Recent scandals in the 21st Century have increased concerns about ethics and social responsibility, which has to also be a concern for Prince Sports. The boom in e-commerce and Internet marketing has created a new set of social and ethical issues, which apply to Prince Sports since they have done such a great deal in regards to online marketing and social media. Concerns are Privacy, security, and access by vulnerable or unauthorized groups. Prince Sports is already ahead of the game when it comes to marketing activities that directly promote tennis playing in the US. Prince Sports takes part in a program called Teaching Pro Program. This program allows tennis pros to be sponsored by Prince Sports to teach tennis using all the latest Prince Sports equipment. These same pros also host “Prince Demo Events” throughout the country, this allows for people to not only learn the sport of tennis, but also to test out the products that Prince Sports makes, all while having some fun. In addition to this, Prince Sports could offer free or discounted Tennis Lessons to promote the growth of the tennis industry as an incentive. The difference in promotion from recreational players to junior players is called…show more content…
In addition to this, the competition is fairly slim Prince Sports has a potential to do extremely well in any of these markets. Prince could actually reach out to Federer to sponsor him; that would potentially increase the likelihood of success in Switzerland (since that is where he is from). In addition to this, Prince could build a website with a country specific domain so that it could be accessed easily in all of these countries. Overall, Prince Sports, Inc. seems to be heading in the right direction in regards to its marketing campaign and activities. As Linda Glassel of Prince Sports indicated, “over the last decade we’ve seen a dramatic change in the media to reach consumers”, it will only continue to get tougher as technology flourishes and changes as time goes on. As long as Prince is able to stay “ahead of the curve”, they will be in great position to achieve success. CAN PRINCE SPORTS “KEEP UP” IN A CHANGING MARKET? References Kerin, R., Hartley, S., & Rudelius, W. (2013). Marketing. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin Prince Global Sports, LLC. (2014). Prince Sports, Inc. Retrieved February 27, 2014 from

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