prince- anastesia harmonic analysis

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Prince was born in June 1958, and got his name from his father’s stage name, Prince Roger Nelson. His musical influences started from a very young age. His interest in music was triggered when at the age of five he watched his father, who was a local musician in Mineapolis, perform. He was fascinated by his father’s skills, the choir that surrounded him and the amazing ability of the performers to capture the interest of the audience. The analysis that follows focuses on Prince’s song Anna Stesia, from his album Lovesexy, recorded on the 10th May 1988 by Warner Brothers. The echo of his previous major success Purple Rain had already faded out. Prince’s profile as a musical genius was not always accepted by the audience. These together with Prince’s continuous search for ways to remain in the top charts resulted in what can be regarded as the most artistically confusing periods of his career, when Prince was trying to discover his own identity. It was at that time that Lovesexy was recorded. Prior to the release of Lovesexy, Prince had decided to withdraw at the last minute the circulation of his album Black Album, surprising managers and promoters who had already cut 500,000 copies of the record that were ready to be sold, causing chaos at Warner Brothers. A mystery surrounded the contents of the album. Ingrid Chavez, whose voice is the first to be heard in the album Lovesexy, said that the night before the official circulation of the Black Album, Prince had as he called it a “dark night of the soul when a lot of things happened all in a few hours”. He described a vision that he had of him standing in a vast field with the letters G-O-D being spelled in the sky. Prince himself when explaining the reasons why he withdrew the Black Album and decided to proceed with the Lovesexy said: “I suddenly realized that we can die at any moment and we’d be judged by the

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