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The Great Liberal Prime Ministers of Canada Many people believe the prime ministers have a lot of power and they can do what ever they want. That is not necessarily true. “They think a prime minister has much power. He doesn't even have influence." Mackenzie King, 1950. Ruling the country is not a simple task. Prime ministers have an important job or steering the country into the right direction in terms of economical and political issues. When it comes to Canadian Prime Ministers, few accomplished so much in so little time as Lester Bowles Pearson. A few Prime ministers of Canada such as Lester B. Pearson have challenged, changed, and influenced the identity of Canada for the better. With many accomplishments, he left Canada with a lasting imprint. Pearson, a man loved by many. He was born on April 23 1897 in Newton Brook, Ontario and died on December 27, 1972 in Ottawa, Ontario. Other than being a great prime minister, playing sports was another passion of Lester B. Pearson. He played sports such as hockey, rugby, lacrosse, and the sport he loved baseball. Pearson would find any time he could to play baseball with his friends. Lester just like Mackenzie wanted to follow his father’s example and become someone important in the world. Pearson entered the world of politics in the 1940’s. Pearson had a minority government in 1963 when he first ran for prime minister. He never had a majority in the House of Commons but the promises he made to change Canada and kept made the Canadians like him. Pearson was involved in minor scandals but had no problem taking care of them especially when his accomplishments can cover it up. Pearson had many accomplishments that changed Canada’s identity during his time at the top. Accomplishments such as bringing Canada on to the world stage after WWII and setting the multilateralism of Canada in motion and bring

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