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Primary Literature Assignment Physical Activity in Young Adults and Incident Hypertension Over 15 Years of Follow-Up: The CARDIA Study About 65 million adults in the US suffer from high blood pressure 1. Hypertension is a complicated disease that is caused by genetics and numerous lifestyle factors. Physical inactivity is one factor that is likely to cause a person to get hypertension 2-4. Although an adult of middle age or older have higher chances of developing hypertension, researchers are worried there might be a correlation between inactive young adults and hypertension as well. Therefore, a study on young adults is extremely important due to the many changes that a young adult goes through, such as, physical activity, weight, and many other factors linked with high blood pressure. Researchers examined results from a study in which they followed a group of 3993 young adults consisting of males and females. These individuals were randomly selected from different areas of a few different states. They were followed for 15 years and information regarding their physical activity and blood pressure were measured at 2, 5, 7, 10, and 15 years. After adjustment of age, gender, race, and education, as well as other physiological factors such as waist circumference, researchers found levels of physical activity highest in men, followed by White women, and then Black women. In general, the average physical activity appeared to decrease over the course of the years regardless of gender or race. In addition, those who had below average physical activity for each gender and race group had a slight increase in blood pressure over the follow up. Hypertension rates were especially highest for Blacks and lowest for Whites. Researchers conclude that there is a significant link between physical activity and incident hypertension among young adults based on the evidence

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