Primary Health Care Essay

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Question 1: In the video the speakers identify a number of factors associated with living in a rural and remote area which contribute to the development of mental health problems for Aboriginal Australians. One of these factors is poverty. With reference to primary health care principles and practices, discuss the link between poverty and mental health/ illness. Ensure you support your discussion with current nursing and health literature. Poverty is determined as the strong determinant to the health of the poor people or the people having low wages. The low income is a major reason behind the low health status in this class of individuals. There are health inequities the people with low income are not able to assess the primary health care extensively which give rise to chronic illness among them. The poor people cannot afford high cost treatments and are also not well aware about the preventive measures so they face problems to maintain up their health (Baker, 2000). They also face physical barriers like no transportation facilities, no insurance cards, difficulties in getting the appointments, not understanding the medical formalities. In cases of emergencies these people cannot reach the health care center on time as a result suffer from low health or death. Other reason is low interaction between the health professionals and these patients. It is seen that they interact or explain their problem in very less words so misinterpretation or the correct diagnosis does not occur in many cases. They cannot explain their problem fully to the doctor and are less interested to take part in decisions regarding treatments. The low class people also do not disclose their social problems like disease due to improper sex due to stigma and shame so they suffer from acute illnesses. Question 2: Mental health is one of The National Health Priority Areas (NHPAs) chosen by

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