Primary Health Care Essay

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Part 1: Paraphrasing 1. Provide a definition of the terms ‘primary health care’ and ‘primary care’. What is the difference between these terms? Primary health care can be defined as essential or necessary health care based on practical, scientifically sound, culturally suitable and socially recognized methods. This means that it should be accessible to all the people in their communities, the participation of the community should be allowed, should be connected to and also a central function of, New Zealand’s health system. According to Gillies (2003), it should also be the first level of contact with our health system. On the other hand, we find that primary care is considered to appear or stands at the center of medical care systems, whereby its main functions is to provide an entry point, delivering core medical and preventive care, as well as enabling patients to manage and incorporate care. 2. Which elements of disease prevention are handled by primary care practitioners? Which are not? A feature of high quality primary care is a highlight on preventive care, counseling, and also being aware of the patient’s health concern s. On a research that was carried out on provisions of clinical preventive care, USA was ranked the highest. At least half of the adults in each nation stated that the doctor doesn’t sent reminders, that is they do not provide guidance or counseling on weight or even exercise, or even have not tried to inquire if there were any emotional problems affecting their health. However, lack of discussions about weight or exercise is specifically remarkable. King (2000) asserts that the physician outreach may also be principally essential for the mental health issues. Primary care physicians in most cases normally fail to be in a position of being able to identify the depressive symptoms despite the fact that the screening can seriously
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